We have been working in the studio! A bunch of new tracks coming, to be released as digital singles. A new full length in the works as well! This is the first one… some of you may have heard this one live or seen the video from our recent performance at the Jefferson Theater here in Charlottesville. The song is called scarecrow, and it is a little thing about complacency, and the inevitability of conflict. A nice light-hearted number. 😉

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Live at The Jefferson Theater

Here’s a little live video from our recent performance at The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville, VA. Enjoy!

Live at The Southern

Here is a little clip of “Jesus & The Dallas Cowboys” from our show at The Southern in Charlottesville a couple of months back. The

New video!

This is the first of soon to be regular postings of videos. Some more covers, some tunes from the record, and some new stuff coming