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On May 8, 2012

Splicing the header onto reel #6 for tonight’s Bloody Angle session. We are going on song #13. Looking to record 15-16 total plus acoustic versions of most. Nine or ten will make the album. The rest and the acoustic versions will only be available as special pre-order exclusives, and a select few will *only* be available via our email list. If you have not signed up yet, you might miss out! You can sign up from the homepage or below… you still get the two free demo versions of “Sarah (Don’t Come Around)” and “Jesus & The Dallas Cowboys” for joining. These two versions will becoming down soon, and will never be available again!

Plus, the email list will be the only place in the future where you will hear about special merch deals, ticket giveaways and other super-fan perks. Do it!


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