The Bloody Angle Release Debut Album

Publicity contact: Heather Johnson

The Bloody Angle plays southern-fried swamp rock, with a touch of americana and a hint of country. Gritty guitars, lap-steel, and finger-picking support vocal harmonies and traditional keyboard tones. The sound conjures the southern countryside, civil war battlefields and backroad watering holes. Influences include Drive By Truckers, Jack White and Neil Young.


The eponymous debut album will be available October 16, 2012. The album was recorded entirely in the analog realm, at producer-songwriter Matt Singleton’s studio in the Central Virginia countryside. “We wanted to produce a record that was warm, immediate, and spontaneous.” quotes Singleton. “This album was a direct backlash against the modern style of making music… no edits, no grid, no auto-tune. We wrote and performed together in the studio, and captured the songs to tape as they came out, warts and all.” When the record was finished, the band had the vinyl masters cut directly from the analog tape. “As far as we can tell, there is only one guy around who even does this anymore. Carl Rowatti, at Trutone Mastering Labs in New York. We went up and watched him cut it. So cool.”


The songs toggle between personal stories and character driven studies. The common thread is the southern landscape, where the stories live among the soldiers, drunks, bible-thumpers and other characters that Singleton either encounters, inhabits, or pulls from the pages of history.


The band is named after a section of the confederate line at the battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse, during the Civil War. The fighting there was particularly intense, with over 18,000 men killed or injured in a 24 hour period of hand-to-hand combat. “We wanted the name to be on the dark side, to have some local roots, and have an element of southern history.” says Singleton. “In fact, one of the first songs I wrote when we started working on this project was an illustration of this battle, from a young confederate soldiers point of view. It ended up being the first song on the record.”


The Bloody Angle was formed when Singleton and guitarist Jason Butler got together in early 2011. “Jason had just had a project go south on him, and I had been out of the performing scene for a while, focusing on producing and recording other acts from up and down the coast.” says Matt. “He posted on Facebook that he was looking to start a project, and I gave him a shout.” Singleton had produced a record for Butler’s band Whitebird in 2005, and they had enjoyed working together. “We knew we had similar influences, and ideas about how a record should sound.” Says Butler. “It was pretty apparent from early on that we had a good chemistry, and that our playing complimented each other well”. After about six months of writing and demoing, they brought in drummer Dustin Bugg and bassist Brian Temples, and started working on the album in earnest. “Dustin, Brian and I had already played together in a project in the early 2000’s, so it was a pretty easy call to bring them in” says Singleton. “We wrote a song together the first night in the studio in about 20 minutes.”


After over a year in the studio, the band is excited about the upcoming release, and live performances. “We have all been doing this a long time.” says Singleton. “The chemistry is there. It’s been a long time coming, and we are pretty proud of this record. We can’t wait until it drops, and we hit the stage to bring it live”.